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Judy Smith is a professionally trained and certified dog walker who helps busy people keep their dogs happy and fit.

Judy with black lab puppy

Skills & Certifications

Judy is a Certified Dog Walker (CDW) and graduate of Dog*tec, The Dog Walking Academy, and is also certified in Pet CPR & First Aid from PetTech.  She is the sole proprietor of WALKTHEDOG4U, a member of Pet Sitters Associates, and an associate member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Keenly aware that many dog owners may have hectic work schedules, new babies and young children to mind, or are elderly or infirmed with mobility issues that make it impossible for them to continue to walk and exercise their dog on a regular basis, Judy is committed to providing these clients, and their dogs, with safe and reliable dog walking services.

She is skilled in:

  • dog communication and body language
  • pack management
  • interpreting dog aggression and prevention measures
  • dog safety protocols
  • basic dog training
  • polite leash behavior

Judy walking lab puppy - dog walking business

Dogs in Judy’s Life

A dog lover and owner from childhood, her affinity for dogs drew her to volunteer with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).  This non-profit organization, located in Santa Rosa, CA, provides free of charge, highly-trained assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities.

Over the last six years, she has been a volunteer Foster Sitter, Puppy Raiser and Breeder Caretaker for CCI.   In addition to walking, training and socializing dogs, she whelped/birthed and trained over 35 CCI puppies.

In keeping with her quest to provide her clients and their dogs with the most secure and effective services, she is committed to continuing education in her field and regularly attends seminars, webinars, and reads a wide range of current industry literature.

A resident of Santa Rosa for over 16 years, she lives with her husband Doug and two retired CCI dogs, Heaven and Narcelle.